New Hackbar — Alternative to Hackbar addon in Firefox Quantum

3 min readNov 23, 2017

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A beautiful morning in this week, when I turn on my browser as daily, my hackbar in the Firefox suddenly disappeared. The interface of Firefox was seem better but that is not importance when my some addons did not work, especially the Hackbar.

I cannot work if my browser misses the hackbar, it have gone with me for ten years. After that, I tried to find any solutions to use back the hackbar addon. However that seems hopeless.

Cannot find the hackbar in the store
The addon’s status
And the author also said cannot help me :(

So, nobody does, I do :)

The new version of Firefox (Quantum) is cause of this problem. They move to new architect and don’t support the XUL addon anymore (the type of hackbar addon). It seem to be becoming similar to Chrome, at least in two new features: multi process and just support webextension addon.

There are two problems if I want to build my own hackbar addon in Firefox Quantum:

  • Interface: Firefox Quantum is not allow to redraw its interface, you cannot create a new toolbar like the original hackbar. So, I must move it to sidebar.
  • HTTP request process: In the new version, Firefox move almost of http request control API to debug level. So, that mean just only some addons like Default Developer Tools can deep control the requests. So, I must use some trick and some API in http request event of this version.

It seemed impossible, but after two nights hard work, I release a very first version, I think it is an acceptable version. Please try to use and give some feedback.

Name: New Hackbar

Description: This is a sitebar that helps pentesters to perform manual web security testing inside their browser. This addon is written in webextension and alternatives to the XUL version of original Hackbar.

The original version is at

Current release version is 1.0.3:

This is very first version, there will definitely be some of bugs, please don’t hate me and give me any bugs and comments to improve it.

Some features now:

  1. Almost of features and gui in this version is based on the original addon (hackbar).
  2. The importance changes are this version is written in webextension technology in stead of the XUL technology in the original version. The original version is best but if you want to use the hackbar in firefox ≥ 57 (Quantum), you must use this version. The XUL addon is not supported anymore.
  3. I tried to make this version as similar as possible to the original. However, due to the new policy of firefox version, the position of the new hackbar must move to sidebar (left or right).
  4. Most of core functions are completed. However, due to the limited size in menu bar, some string functions are temporary not have in this version. I am trying to port all of them. If anyone who have any idea about the layout, please contact me.




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