How to build a CVEDetails alternative website?

Step 1. Clone and setup follow the guide on CVEDataFeed repository
> git clone
Step 2. Create a mongodb, use something like mlab or MongoDB Atlas
Step 3. Setup environments and run command to import database from NVD
> python3 importonline
Step 4. Build a frontend to browser all collection from the MongoDB (like
The dashboard on

0. A story

No update from Nov 2019 on CVEDetails
Google just show some popular sites which not like CVEDetails
No answer on reddit
No hope
Very impulsive :-s
NVD data source from Serkan Özkan’s slide on Blackhat 2012
CPE name from NVD

1. NVD Datasource

NVD update every 2 hours
Json data and keep update

2. CPE Name

cpe:2.3:o:linux:linux_kernel:2.4.7:*:*:*:*:*:*:* is used to define the Linux Kernel product, version 2.4.7 by Linux vendor, type is Operating system. CPE:2.3 is version of CVE.

3. Some others

The comparison result, more details in github
#testFilter("exec code",[r"(code|command).*(execution|execute)", r"(execution|execute).*(code|command)"])
#out: 10552/10552
#testFilter("dos",[r"denial of service"])
#out: 8260/8260
#testFilter("overflow",[r"overflow", r"(restrict|crash|invalid|violat|corrupt).*(buffer|stack|heap|memory)", r"(buffer|stack|heap|memory).*(restrict|crash|invalid|violat|corrupt)"])
#out: 5242/5814
#testFilter("priv",[r"(gain|escalat).*privil", r"privil.*(gain|escalat)"])
#out: 1910/1910
privilegesRequired, userInteraction and scope are missing field of CVSS2

4. CVEData architect

CVEData Architect

5. Next step




I'm a developer working in cyber security. My regularly IDE is MS Word.

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I'm a developer working in cyber security. My regularly IDE is MS Word.

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