BurpUnlimited — Just extends BurpLoader’s license

Some link I tried: http://0xd0m7.blogspot.com/2016/04/analizing-burploaderjar-larry-lau.html http://www.hahwul.com/2017/06/hacking-analyzing-burploaderjar-in-burp.html However, they are almost useless and do not have much information.

Part 1: BurpUnlimited — Just extends BurpLoader’s license

Project name: BurpUnlimited

What is this?

How do I do it?

  • Decompile BurpLoader to get source code rebuild my own project which remove many obfuscated code.
  • I used javaagent technique for somethings:
    + Compare all class’s BurpLoader at runtime with original class’s BurpPro at runtime to review all change which is maked by BurpLoader. That helps me to know what exactly did it do.
    + After review, Javaagent helps me remove some unclear code in TestDisclaimer class’s BurpLoader.


  1. There are some requirements files in lib at current folder:

Hash MD5 version release 1

BurpUnlimited.zip 006b62bf925a4acb27392f8ab820fd14 
BurpUnlimited.jar 5cf68ad0cc2d4ee265d0da1469decf21

This project references some codes and some projects bellow:



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