As you know, Medium have stopped support setup custom domain for Medium users for years. This topic will help you a trick to bypass the limit.


Use reversed proxy to forward request from custom domain to Medium page

Very basically, we can use any reversed proxy to forward any request from custom domain to Medium page destination.


I’m a big fan of…

Yes, a clearly question and I have tried to find for months. And if you don’t want to read whole of this topic to get the answer, please follows 4 steps bellow:

Step 1. Clone and setup follow the guide on CVEDataFeed repository
> git clone
Step 2. Create a mongodb…

Summary: To test or exploit blind RCE, XXE,… the first thing which you think usually is outbound connection. Unfortunate, many importance servers are dropped the outbound connection. In such cases, you can use the DNS protocol to exfiltrate data. In this topic, I will talk about that technique. …

First of all, I usually use the Burpsuite free version rather than the pro version. Recently, a friend introduced me some good plugins for Burpsuite. So, I think there are many useful plugins in store’s Burpsuite. Unfortunately, they just run on Burpsuite pro.

My visa card has some problems, so…


I'm a developer working in cyber security. My regularly IDE is MS Word.

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